Urban Kali @ 4A Gallery

A durational live art performance

Urban Kali: Live art durational performance

Urban Kali is the title of my exegesis, a full-length dance show, and two video performance installations, but this work is my 2022 (2-hour) performance titled Urban Kali: Live art durational performance that was performed at Gallery 4A as part of Art in the heart of Haymarket, produced by Harley Stumm, Intimate Spectacle.

My approach to performing Hindu Goddess iconography does not stem from contesting the value of sacred traditions. Instead, my contemporary interpretations are to exaggerate traditional or sacred themes. Experimenting and subverting these forms within the framework of a traditional structure forms the basis of my performance aesthetic.

In a global climate of racial tension and the rise of misogynist atrocities in India and globally, Urban Kali protests the relentless violence against females of all ages, that include femicide, rape, trafficking, and domestic abuse.

Urban Kali is ultimately an offering to Kali from a deep and personal reflective space. My body as site and artistic material, is a conduit for transformation and an act of Kali Bhakti (Devotion to Kali).

 Rakini Devi, Sydney, October 2022

Date: 29 October 2022

Venue: Gallery 4A Art in the Heart of Haymarket Gallery

Produced by Harley Stumm, Intimate Spectacle.

Image and video: Derek Kreckler.

Durational work -2 to 3 hours
Venues suitable for this work: Art Galleries, Museums, Historic site specific spaces.

Video: Derek Kreckler: