Urban Kali 2 The Lock Up

2019 (Known Unknown Group exhibition) The Lock Up, Newcastle

Concept & performance installation: Rakini Devi
Video design, photography and sound by Karl Ockelford

The video and sound design by Karl Ockelford formed an integral part of my doctoral presentation Urban Kali (2017, The Lennox, Riverside Theatre).

In February 2019, Rakini was invited for a week residency to set up her video installation, presented by The Lock Up. A two-hour durational performance was presented at the opening on 6th April 2019. Urban Kali #2 is the first extension and re-imagining of the body as artefact, archive and as residue, in context to the imagery of the video and sound art. This exploration of working with the video was further extended later for a two hour durational performance for Artbar, MCA.