U.F.O. Unidentified Female Object

2015 Bundanon NSW, Australia

Choreography and installation by Rakini Devi
Sound by Cat Hope
Costumes by Evangelos Laios and Jason Patten

In this new site-specific work, Rakini Devi explores the theme of “alien” in the Australian bush, inspired by her concept of the post apocalyptic female, female as foreign object in a strange environment, and the solitude of the displaced. Characteristic of her unique style of creating hybrid personae including The Female Pope, The Widow, and The Human Shrine, UFO extends her enquiry into female iconography, and the myriad allegorical portraiture of feminine identities. UFO also investigates the cultural frameworks that inform the public’s interpretation of ‘feral’, this year’s theme for Siteworks 2015. (Rakini Devi, 2015).

Performance Photography Heidrun Löhr