The Two Madonnas

Violeta Luna and Rakini Devi

2014 Mexico

Over a month long-collaborative process in Mexico City, Rakini and Violeta initiated a new durational work titled The Two Madonnas that integrates, contrasts and explores female religious iconography. Violeta’s persona explored the Latin American Madonna and indigenous Mexican goddesses with Rakini’s hybrid interpretation of Hindu Goddess and Madonna. They presented a 45-minute showing of their work in progress at Arte Ex Teresa, Mexico City, as part of the Transmuted Festival curated by Martin Rentiera.

Later in 2014, Violeta travelled to Sydney and they continued their collaboration with a photo performance at Cockatoo Island, Sydney, with photographer Heidrun Lohr.

2019 India

This version of The Two Madonnas, at Tantidhatri Festival was presented in the birthplace of Rakini Devi, in Kolkata. As the second stage of an ongoing development between artist Violeta Luna and Rakini Devi, it marks their continuing exploration of this evolving work over several years and contiinents.