The Female Pope #7

Monumental working title

Sydney Festival 2023

The Female Pope is a hybrid persona inspired by the 10th century Pope Joan and The Hindu Goddess Kali. It demonstrates “tradition transgressed” The formal setting of the Female Pope in the work is aesthetically disruptive of tradition, patriarchal roles, and colonial frameworks.

Each version is different from the other, as experiments of a work in progress, but for Monumental 1# and particularly for Sydney Festival 2023 at Art Gallery of NSW, it became a fully realised work with all the elements I had envisioned. I consider this years’ version of the Female Pope #7 as a new work, as it has never been performed in this incarnation before. It is a durational work no less than 3 hours long.

The Female Pope is ideally framed in historical, architecturally grand venues including Museums and Art Galleries that will enhance, compliment, disrupt, contrast, and add relevance to my aesthetics of female, culturally- hybrid religious iconography.

Images Derek Kreckler.
Video: Intimate Spectacle edited by Karl Ockelford.