The Construction of Memory

2009 Cultural Intersections Series Fitzroy Town Hall Melbourne, Australia

Presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria, Ausdance Victoria, and the City of Yarra, the Cultural Intersections Series explored the process of experimentation of new creative processes in an intercultural context.

Rakini Devi: Dancer
Jess Ipkendanz: Musician and performer
Leila Koren: Photographer/Film maker.

“British India, Ruth St Denis, and the untold stories that lie within the walls of Colonial architecture – these are some of the inspirations for Rakini’s new work. Utilizing the historical architecture of the Fitzroy Town Hall, the artists create memories of stately homes in colonial India, of large stone temples and grand mansions of days gone by. Untold stories abound in stone and wood – a glimpse of the past and memories of a bygone era”