Sustaining Practice Residency 2022

Readymade Works Studios

In August 2022, I was the recipient of a three -week Sustaining Practice residency from Readymade Works Studios, to develop a solo I have been working towards developing for a few years, titled I Used to Be a Dancer, using spoken word, and video art by my collaborator Karl Ockelford, and dramaturgy by John Baylis.

My collaborations with Karl Ockelford span two decades, most recently with his video art for my works Urban Kali (2017) amongst other research residences and performances.

Work in Progress Notes

The Jungian psychologist James Hillman suggests that the purpose of human ageing is to fulfil our true character, to become our essential selves. More radically, he suggests that ageing might be “a transformation in beauty as much as in biology”. And then he asks a shocking question: could ageing itself be conceived of as an art form? I used to be a dancer! is the first stage of an ambitious concept of addressing the above notion, whilst challenging stereotypes of the ageing dancer.
This project was supported through a residency at Readymade Works Sustaining Practice residency 2022.
This showing was supported through a residency at Theatre and Performance Studies, the University of Sydney.

Images and video by Karl Ockelford.

Showing at Rex Cramphorn studio:


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