Rex Cramphorn artist in residence 2020

Production and lighting: Richard Manner
Video documentation: Richard Manner
Photography: Heidrun Lohr

This project was supported through a residency at the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, the University of Sydney.

Create NSW Quick response grant 2020

My artist in residence centred on developing presentation strategies towards a multidisciplinary art exhibition, comprising of several installations, journal drawings and paintings, and incorporating my own body as art for the opening and closing events. Each of the three canopies I experimented with housed a different aspect of female embodiment. Each installation and floor chalk artwork featured notions of female erasure, historic and current misogynist violence. The texts that surround the chalk drawings are a composite of sacred Hindu texts and research of current statistics of Indian misogyny and atrocities towards women, many in Australia and globally who have suffered from “lockdown” domestic violence and murder.
Following this residency I presented my first multidisciplinary art exhibition, Inhabiting Erasures, embodying traces of the feminine, at Articulate Project Space, Sydney in March 2021, funded by CNSW.

Create NSW, University of Sydney