PALA Indonesia

2009 Residencies and Laboratories. Tejakula Bali and Solo, Indonesia

PALA Indonesia Performance Art Laboratory and Undisclosed territories: Curators Boris Neilsony (Black Market International) and Melati Suryadumo (Germany & Indonesia)
Presented three performances during the festival.

The Human Shrine

This durational work was a representation of the Madonna/Goddess Kali. The site specific performance installation was framed by a natural outdoor jungle -grotto, with an existing statue of the Virgin Mary.

Calcutta Underground

This solo dance piece was part of the Undisclosed territories performances in Melati Suryadumo’s hometown of Solo Indonesia.


Classical dance performance at Hindu Bali Temple, in Tejakula.

This link takes you to PALA 2009 site featuring European and Indonesian artists during the 10 – day event. It includes the program with images of all the participants as well as my featured contributions.