Mindimi – The Burmese Princess

1999 PICA Perth, Australia

Rakini Devi: Solo Dance Theatre (Choreography, script and concept)
Director :Sally Richardson
Set Designer: Vinn Pitcher
Lighting design: Graham Walne
Composer: Cat Hope

Mindimi was my exploration of autoethnographic performance as a means of exploring not only culture and identity, but a personal narrative. Mindimi is an early example of my dance theatre works, where I question how tradition, in the form of sacred goddess iconography and Indian classical dance structures, can be repositioned by combining them into secular stories of my Burmese mother and grandmothers.

This work is described in detail in my exegesis, and reviews of the work in the Appendix of works, (page 200).


Mindimi Trek was an excerpt of a dance solo that toured to Toronto, New York and Tokyo between 2001 and 2003, and performed at Dancehouse Melbourne in 2008.