Inhabit #2

2022 Glebe Town Hall – March Dance 2022

Performer: Rakini Devi
Musician: Anita Gluyas (cello)

Following my 2021 exhibition Inhabiting Erasures, embodying traces of the feminine, that drew on metaphors of histories of the feminine, this March Dance event was made possible through March Dance Glebe Town Hall residency and a bursary from Critical Path.

The context of the work protests violent acts of misogyny and explores several metaphors of erasure, with the intent of inhabiting and reclaiming traces of the (absent) female body.

video by Martin Fox: RAKINI DEVI – INHABIT #2-March Dance 2022.mp4

Photography Greg Singh.
City of Sydney, the Keir Foundation and Critical Path.
#TheKeirFoundation #MarchDance2022


photo by Kali Madonna 3D film by Theatre Kantanka @devirakini Critical Path @critical_path_ @cityofsydney City of Sydney