Fear of Erasure

Dance and the ageing body

Critical Path online publication 2020

This body, sublimated in every sense, participated in the infinite strength of the divine, which had become indestructible, luminous, perfumed and swift like light. Piero Camporesi, The Incorruptible flesh (1983).

The topic of difficulties faced by “senior” dance artists and ageism in Australian dance culture was discussed at a recent series of sessions titled Women’s Work, facilitated by Prof. Julie-Anne Long in collaboration with Critical Path. The April workshop participants including myself, were Kay Armstrong, Kathy Cogill, Anca Frankenhauser, Charmaine Seet, and Lee Pemberton. Age- discrimination, invisibility, and more were subjects that we debated along with other topics relating to our current projects, and ongoing practice. This paper was written in response to the Women’s Work project, facilitated by Critical Path Sydney.

Commissioned by Critical Path Sydney 2019