Bundanon Residency 2023

In March 2023, I undertook a two week-self funded artist residency in Bundanon, that inspired a new concept that I am in the process of seeking funding and other support to take this work to the next stages of a multidisciplinary art project.

Working title, PRITHVI (Earth) is a new visual art multidisciplinary project that reimagines sacred Hindu sites in an Australian landscape, centred on universal metaphors of the earth as female entity, and addresses the global climate change crisis.

 Inspired by the spectacular beauty of the Australian bush, I hope to expand my series of paintings and installation extending from this residency.

 I imagine the outcome as a multidisciplinary art exhibition that will incorporate installation, cloth painted hangings, paintings, dance, and performance art performances in  2024.

Special thanks

Derek Kreckler
Charles Higgins
Sarah Miller
Helen Barnett

and Bundanon Trust