Body as Archive

2019 Critical Path Responsive Residency Double Bay, Australia

Rakini Devi’s performance and research into female iconography subverts patriarchal religious roles as well as challenges cultural stereotypes by incorporating hybrid female iconographies. Her progression and development of performance art in the context of ritual as a performance practice is driven by her practice of performing Hindu Goddess Kali iconography as feminist performance activism. In this new project, the concept of the Tarot as the iconography of female alchemy is explored through a multidisciplinary research project in collaboration with video and sound artist Karl Ockelford, through Critical Path’s Responsive Residency, April 2019, Sydney.

The residency initiated two new ongoing investigations, one titled Portraits of Female Alchemy, exploring the Tarot and performance, and the other exploring the integration of imagery based on graphic novels titled Murder Pier. Both are working titles.

Photography, video and design: Karl Ockelford
Choreography, text and visual art: Rakini Devi

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